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18 Sep

Half of Brits unhappy with their current home

More than half of Brits are unhappy with their current home. A staggering 53 percent are dissatisfied with their property and have set their sights on moving to their “forever home”, according to research by online house sellers Size really matters Rather than being sold on location, location, location, 57 percent of us prioritise […]

17 Sep

£95m funding to breathe new life into town centres

Disused historic buildings in 69 English town centres are to be transformed into homes, shops and community centres. The Government has announced £95 million of funding to help breathe new life into struggling urban centres. The cash will help retailers fight off the competition from online shopping while encouraging people to return to live in […]

12 Sep

Revealed: what buyers find off-putting in a property

Selling your home? Make sure you don’t leave a negative impression on buyers who come to view your property. New research has revealed that potential buyers are put off by marks and stains, tatty kitchens and bathrooms, and especially by extensive cracks in the plasterwork. Poor first impression The website Sell House Fast surveyed potential […]

3 Sep

Home mover numbers on the rise

The number of home movers has risen for the first time in three years. Meanwhile, the average price paid by those moving home has grown by 32 percent as the cost of moving home jumps by 4 percent in a year. New research from Lloyds Bank has revealed that the number of people moving home […]

2 Sep

No-deal Brexit warning on UK house prices

Leading accountants KPMG have issued a stark warning on the effects of a no-deal Brexit on UK property prices. In a report published on Monday, the firm says house prices across the country could drop by 6.2 percent in 2020 if the UK exits the European Union on October 31 without a withdrawal agreement in […]

30 Aug

Homes near London Tube stations carry hefty price premiums

Living close to a London Underground station comes with a hefty price premium. New research by property agents CBRE has shown that homes within a five-to-seven minute walk of a Tube station have grown in price by almost 10 percent more than other properties nearby that are further away from the transport network. According to […]