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Conveyancing used to be tedious, time consuming and very frustrating. At In-Deed, we’ve made conveyancing fast, efficient and user friendly. We’ve combined all the best bits of working with a traditional, highly trained conveyancing lawyer with online technology to

simplify the conveyancing process and deliver the UK’s best conveyancing service. At In-Deed, you get a direct line to your own dedicated property lawyer. And with our transparent conveyancing fees, the price we give you upfront is the price you will pay. We’d love to help with the legal side of your move.Get a free conveyancing quote here to get started.

For those uninitiated in the conveyancing process, we provide a wealth of information about the conveyancing process from the initial planning stage right up through to completion and finalising details. Reading through our process, you will see as highlighted above, that on setting up your own In-Deed account you are appointed a dedicated lawyer who will work with you until completion. If at any point you need any assistance in setting up your account, please contact us on 0330 660 0643.

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Issues facing home buyers in 2014
It would be rash to try and predict what the property market will do in 2014. But we can make some attempt to look at what is likely to affect property buying... Read more
50% cut in Land Registry fees helps homebuyers
Land Registry fees on the transfer of properties will soon be slashed by 50% or more. Speaking about the changes, Ed Lester, the Land Registry’s Chief... Read more
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Transfer of Equity
A Transfer of Equity is when someone is added or removed from the title deeds, such as a sole owner adding their husband or wife, a parent adding their son or... Read more
Share of Freehold Conveyancing
Conveyancing for a Share of Freehold property is very similar to a conveyance on a leasehold property and you can expect to incur comparable fees and... Read more
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Conveyancing - A Seller's Guide
The average property stays on the market for between 90 and 100 days, so once you have found a buyer it is important to keep the conveyancing process moving... Read more
Submitting the Stamp Duty Land Tax Return Form
When you buy property or land you will need to notify HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) by completing a Stamp Duty Land Tax Return (or Land Transaction Return)... Read more
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Types of Ownership: Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common
The advantages of purchasing a property with others are well publicised – by pooling resources for the deposit and mortgage payments, it is possible for... Read more
Stamp Duty Mitigation
Stamp duty is the tax that homebuyers are legally required to pay when purchasing a property, the amount of which is dependent on the value of property. The... Read more
Chattels & Fixtures
When buying or selling your property, you may hear your estate agent or the other side refer to ‘chattels’ and ‘fixtures’ - it is important to know the... Read more
What is a Local Authority Search?
When buying a property your conveyancing lawyer will submit a Local Authority Search on your behalf. You will have to have one of these if you are getting a... Read more
Coal Mining Search | A Conveyancing Guide
During the conveyancing process your conveyancing solicitor may decide you need a Coal Search on the property you are buying. A coal search is required if you... Read more
Freehold Property Conveyancing Guide
Freehold definition Flying freehold definition Conveyancing on a freehold property   Freehold definition A freehold property is one where the owner has... Read more
Moving House Before Christmas 2012
Many of our new clients are beginning to ask us if we can help them move before Christmas 2012. The conveyancing process, on average, takes between 6 to 12... Read more
Land Registry Reduce Fees
Did you know that from the 22nd October the Land Registry have reduced their fees by £10? This reduction will apply for all purchases registered with the Land... Read more
New Land Registry Fees
When you buy a property your conveyancing solicitor has to register you as the owner with the Land Registry. The Land Registry charges a fee for doing this and... Read more
HSBC Conveyancing Update | In-Deed Conveyancing
From the 29th August 2012 HSBC admitted all CQS accredited law firms onto their conveyancing panel. This means if you choose a CQS accredited law firm you will... Read more
First Time Buyer Stamp Duty (SDLT) Relief
A first time buyer is defined as someone who has never bought or owned land or property in the UK or indeed the world. Currently, first time buyers are not... Read more
HSBC Update | Conveyancing Guide
On 29th August HSBC are changing their lending rules so that all CQS accredited solicitors can act for both you, the buyer, and HSBC.   What usually... Read more
London Property Prices | Averages for London Boroughs
Please visit our London Conveyancing Solicitors page for London's current average property prices. London, like the rest of the country, has experienced a... Read more
HSBC Mortgages to accept CQS conveyancing solicitors in August
As of August 2012 HSBC is changing its policy on which solicitors can provide conveyancing for their mortgages. Usually your preferred lawyer is able to act... Read more
Conveyancing fees for registering your purchase property with the Land Registry
The HM Land Registry is the government authority responsible for recording the ownership rights of freehold and leasehold property (if the lease exceeds seven... Read more
Need Free Conveyancing Help?
At In-Deed we understand how difficult it can be to get help and advice about the legal side of your move, without committing to using a particular lawyer or... Read more
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Disbursements | A conveyancing guide
Disbursement Definition Genuine Disbursements Other less common disbursements or third party costs Disbursement Definition The definition of a disbursement is... Read more
Psychological study reveals it's possible to 'fall in love' with a house
Prospective homebuyers really do ‘fall in love’ with properties they’ve set their hearts on, according to a new psychological study. The research, commissioned... Read more
Do you know about the EPC changes on 6th April 2012?
The Energy Performance of Buildings (Certificates and Inspections) (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2011 go live on 6 April 2012. Indeed, several... Read more
Government Cuts Down on Stamp Duty Avoidance
In the past some people have avoided paying Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) by loopholes in the legislation, but in the 2012 Budget speech Chancellor George... Read more
Changes to Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) | Properties over £2m taxed 7%
In the 2012 budget it has been announced that from midnight on the 21st March Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) will increase from 5% to 7% on property above £2m.... Read more
The Legal Ombudsman's Report On Deceptive Legal Quotes
Recently, the Legal Ombudsman released a report which criticises how some legal firms present and explain their fees. This in turn led to clients incurring... Read more
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