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Instant conveyancing quote

  • Fixed fee conveyancing.
  • No Completion, No Fee guarantee.
  • Fast, efficient and friendly conveyancing solicitors.
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Fixed fee conveyancing with a
No Completion, No Fee guarantee.
Fast, efficient and friendly conveyancing solicitors.

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The conveyancing process when buying and selling a home can be frustrating. The long wait for documents by post, the unreturned phone calls, the unexpected costs and the legal jargon, often holds you up. At In-Deed we combine a highly personal service, offered by some of the UK’s best property lawyers with the convenience of an online quote system. Our approach helps make the conveyancing process fast, efficient and user friendly for everyone

The UK’s best property lawyers – working with you every step of the way

Buying and selling a house is one of the biggest moments of your life. It’s exciting. It’s stressful. You need a conveyancing solicitor you can trust, someone who understands this is about more than a bunch of paper.
At In-Deed we work with the best conveyancing solicitors in the business. You’ll work with one lawyer who is dedicated to your case. With your lawyer’s direct line, regular updates on your account and a streamlined conveyancing process In-Deed make the legal side simple!

Simplified conveyancing process – that saves you time and cuts the frustration.

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We simplify the conveyancing process conveyancing process so you understand what’s happening and why. You should never have to chase us or be left in the dark. Our solicitors are proactive and will stay in regular communication with you.
We’ve turned all the dated conveyancing intricacies into 7 easy to follow steps7 easy to follow steps. Your solicitor will be constantly on hand to explain any issues as and when they arise.

The convenience of easy online conveyancing quotes

We bring conveyancing up to speed, using great technology to help our customers understand exactly what the conveyancing process will cost. We think you’ll the whole process easy and intuitive. Finally.
In-Deed’s online system was designed to make conveyancing simple and transparent. You can get a clear, fixed ’No move, no fee’ quote so you can budget for the legal costs of your move.

A price guarantee and no completion, no fee promise

In-Deed delivers excellent value for money, backed up by a genuine fixed price guarantee. We promise that the price we give you when you instruct us is the price you’ll pay.
We work on a no completion, no fee basis. That means that you only pay us when your transaction is complete. And if your transaction falls through for any reason, you will not have to pay us.
Find out more about In-Deed’s Price Promise.

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Our exclusive Price Promise

Our exclusive Price Promise

No completion, no fee. And no nasty surprises.
In-Deed's Price Promise means the price we give you up front is the price you will pay.

About In-Deed Conveyancing

Conveyancing used to be tedious, time consuming and very frustrating. At In-Deed, we’ve made conveyancing fast, efficient and user friendly. We’ve combined all the best bits of working with a traditional, highly trained conveyancing lawyer with online technology to simplify the conveyancing process and deliver the UK’s best conveyancing service. At In-Deed, you get a direct line to your own dedicated property lawyer. And with our transparent conveyancing fees, the price we give you upfront is the price you will pay. We’d love to help with the legal side of your move.Get a free conveyancing quote here to get started.For those uninitiated in the conveyancing processconveyancing process, we provide a wealth of information about the conveyancing process from the initial planning stage right up through to completion and finalising details. Reading through our process, you will see as highlighted above, that on setting up your own In-Deed account you are appointed a dedicated lawyer who will work with you until completion. If at any point you need any assistance in setting up your account, please contact us on 0800 038 6886 .

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