Price Promise

How does In-Deed’s Price Promise work?

Nasty surprises around the legal costs of buying or selling a home are alarmingly common. They happen when unforeseen complications arise, when third-party costs exceed expectations or when the initial estimate is simply off the mark (accidentally or otherwise).

At In-Deed, the price that we give you up front is the price that you will pay for a standard conveyancing transaction. We also endeavour to give you a clear picture of the third-party costs, known as disbursements, you will need to pay.

Is anything NOT covered by the Price Promise?

Some non-standard conveyancing transactions may require significant additional work, such as Right to Buy or share of freehold purchases. In respect of third-party costs, many are fixed and will be included in your quote. Some, however, may vary. Your solicitor should make you aware of any such disbursements or fees before they are incurred, explaining clearly their purpose and why they apply.

For a leasehold transaction, one such cost is that imposed on a leasehold (or share of freehold) transaction by a landlord/management company for the production of the “information pack” detailing the service & management charges, ground rent and the structure and requirements of the land/management company required in the sale of the property or their charges for recording details of the new owner in a purchase. There is no fool proof way that we can determine this charge but we can reassure you that we will pass the cost on as charged without mark-up.


The best value in the market

If you’ve had a look online already, you’ll know there are firms offering conveyancing at a wide range of prices. Here’s what we’d suggest you consider before you make your decisions:

    • What exactly is included in the price?

Many firms leave third-party costs and some legal charges out of their initial quote.

    • What sort of service can you expect?

Some conveyancers try to make more money by juggling a high volume of cases at once. A heavy case-load means that your sale or purchase may be relegated to the back of the queue and you may not get the level of service you expect. At In-Deed all of our conveyancing lawyers are highly trained and committed to providing a high level of customer service at all times.

    • What happens to the cost if things don’t go to plan?

If the process drags on, will you be hit with additional charges? In-Deed offers the only Price Promise in the industry.

    • What’s important to you? Will you get everything you’re after?

We’re not aware of anyone else offering the same price guarantee, service level, expertise and easy online tools as In-Deed.

Ready to get started?

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