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Indemnity insurance

Occasionally, a conveyancing solicitor may advise you take out indemnity insurance to protect you against potential losses in the future for a number of reasons connected with your planned purchase. An insurance policy might be used to cover some sort of legal defects including a missing landlord, lack of planning permission, chancel liability or missing building regulations approval. Unlike most insurance policies, though, the majority of legal indemnity cover will last forever and will not require annual renewal.

It is impossible for your conveyancing solicitor to predict whether you will need indemnity insurance before the conveyancing process is underway. Therefore, we cannot quote you for any of the costs in advance. We can ensure, however, that if your conveyancing solicitor finds that you require indemnity insurance, they will let you know as quickly as possible and will advise you of any additional costs, as well as talking you through the need and risks.

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