Separate Representation

Ordinarily, when you're buying a property with the aid of a mortgage, your solicitor will be instructed to act on behalf of you, the client, and the lender. However, some building societies and banks now insist on their preferred law firm acting for them, resulting in them being 'separately represented'.

What this means is that the buyer's conveyancing solicitor will have to comply with the bank's solicitor's requirements in order to obtain the mortgage advance. Understandably, this can sometimes cause delays in the process and the payment. The buyer will also have to pay for the bank's legal costs, which could be expensive.

In the majority of cases, your In-Deed solicitor will be able to act for both your lender and yourself. But, if you are worried your bank may seek to have separate representation, then please call In-Deed on 0800 038 6886. We will be able to tell you whether this is the case and, if so, how much the additional charges will be.

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