Official local authority search

An Official Local Authority Search is conducted by a council staff member, who is part of the team maintaining the Local Land Charges Register.

The Certificate of Search will have the council logo stamped on it and the search certificate will be signed by an officer at the council. All Local Authorities carry full indemnity insurance in case you experience any problems resulting from errors or omissions in your report.

In-Deed will order an Official Search if your mortgage lender requests one and you will not be charged extra for this service, which is why it makes eminent sense to choose In-Deed to represent your during your planned move or remortgage.

If you would prefer to have an Official Search instead of a Personal Search, we can also provide this service. There may be an additional charge involved, which will be dependent on the Local Authority where it is being carried out. Your solicitor will be able to investigate this fee and report back to you.

Find out more about Local Authority Searches here.

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