Fixtures, fittings and content

This catch-all term refers to everything that’s inside the building. It includes things like light fittings, curtains, carpets and the other contents of the property. 

When you are selling a property, you will have to complete a ‘Fixtures and Fittings Form’, which sets out all the items that will be included in the sale of the property. The purchasers will expect everything that is on the form to be there when they move in and, therefore, they cannot be removed by the seller prior to sale.

If there are items that do not form part of the building sale, known as Chattels, and do not appear on the Fixtures and Fittings Form, then the buyer can negotiate with the seller to purchase these.

The Fixtures and Fittings Form is often given little attention, but it can also be one of the most contentious parts of buying (or selling) a property, so it makes sense to ensure that you have this covered early with your solicitor.

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