Brine search

Brine is salt water. This search is required where there's a chance of structural damage from brine seeping in to a property or arising from subsidence due to brine pumping or mining activities.

Affecting parts of Cheshire and some parts of Greater Manchester, this search is often referred to as a 'Cheshire Brine Search'. It involves a search of the Cheshire Brine Compensation Board's records to ascertain whether the property has been adversely affected by brine mining.

Legislation in the 1950s established rules for compensation of property owners affected. In 2006, the Cheshire Brine Compensation Board merged with the Coal Authority and since then the Coal Authority maintains records on Brine and Coal Mining. A combined Coal and Brine Search is recommended in current or former mining areas.

In-Deed's lawyer will do a brine search if required and it will be included in the Price Promise.

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