How fast can In-Deed complete the conveyancing process?

At In-Deed, we aim to minimise the loss of time by making the conveyancing as fast and simple as possible. However, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a timeframe because of the third parties who are outside of our control (for example, delays caused by lenders or the other side’s solicitor).

But, we have found that, on average, we cut two weeks off the conveyancing process, which is usually between eight and twelve weeks: With In-Deed, you can expect to reduce that figure to between six and nine weeks! This is because we only work with proactive conveyancing solicitors, who are committed to providing a personal service, and who work hard to remove any obstacles to swift progress.

If you need a fast completion, please let your conveyancer know, and they will always endeavour to meet your wishes. Contact us on 0800 038 6886 or at to discuss your plans further.

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