What sort of conveyancing service can I expect?

Some conveyancing firms try to make more money by juggling a high volume of cases at once. But a heavy case-load means that your sale or purchase may be relegated to the back of the queue. Or, even worse, your case could be passed around a team of solicitors, or even sent offshore, which means it won’t get the consistent focus your case needs.

At In-Deed, every customer has a UK-based personal conveyancing solicitor who works with you throughout the entire process; they really get to know you and your case!

Furthermore, at In-Deed, we have systems in place, which mean our property solicitors only handle a set number of cases. This means every customer receives a high quality, personal service that’s specific to their needs.

To find out more, why not give our waiting experts a call on 0800 038 6886? Or you can drop us an email at moveteam@in-deed.net.

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