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Instructing Us

As soon as you give In-Deed the go-ahead, we will appoint your solicitor or specialist conveyancer to act for you in your sale and/or purchase. Officially you instruct the solicitor – instruct simply means give the go-ahead to act on your behalf in the legal transaction.

Why is this important? 

When you’re ready to sell or have found the home you want to buy, you are naturally keen to get the legal side moving. But you cannot buy or sell until you have instructed a solicitor. So, once you’ve had an offer on your place or are ready to bid on a new home, contact In-Deed so we can officially start working together.

What happens? 

To complete the instruction process all you will need to place a small deposit of £120 with us, this simply secures your No Completion No Fee and our Fixed Fee Guarantee. The instruction will then proceed and you will be given the details of the solicitor appointed to handle the remainder of your transaction. When you are buying a home, the solicitor or conveyancer will collect an upfront payment to cover the immediate cost of the essential searches and some disbursements that must be carried out on the proposed purchase. Your solicitor will contact you to arrange this cost to be placed on account. The remaining legal costs and other payments are only paid once your sale and/or purchase has been completed.

What we do 

Appoint the solicitor or specialist conveyancer who will handle your transaction.
Email you a letter setting out our standard terms and conditions
Send you questions about the sale or purchase for you to answer

Things you will need to do: 

Tell the other parties involved, for example, an estate agent that you have appointed In-Deed and give them your solicitor’s details
If you’re selling, look out any documentation from when you bought your current home or for any works you’ve had done. For example, there may be Building Control certificates relating to replacement windows; and any electrical work should be certified

Things you will need to send us: 

Return the signed terms and conditions form we will send to you
Arrange to pay a £120 deposit to secure the Fixed Fee Guarantee