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Finalising Details

The hard bit is now done for your sale or purchase. While there may be certain details still to finalise – for example, your solicitor will have to submit forms to the Land Registry or pay Stamp Duty Land Tax to HMRC – you can now concentrate on planning your move.

Why is this important? 

On completion, the property’s ownership officially and legally passes from seller to buyer, but there are a few final details to be completed. Firstly finalising the Stamp Duty payment and registering the property with the updated titles of the new owner with the Land Registry which is considered proof of ownership.

What happens? 

Your solicitor would have confirmed that the sale and purchase are complete. You Solicitor now has 30 days to pay HM Revenue and Customs the Stamp Duty Land Tax and return your land tax file. Once the SDLT has been submitted your solicitor will then register you as the new owner.

What we do 

Pay the SDLT and send you the SDLT5 – evidence that the Stamp Duty has been paid
Confirm the Title deeds have been changed and registered with the Land Registry
Prepare your completion statement, detailing all expenses.

Things you will need to do: 

Settle the final completion statement from your solicitor
Celebrate! Congratulations on your move

Things you will need to send us: 

Nothing, but feel free to write us a review!