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Conveyancing Solicitors Birmingham

Here at In-Deed, we will provide you with one of the country's best conveyancing solicitors for your Birmingham remortgage, purchase or sale. By combining a professional personal lawyer with a unique, state-of-the-art online system, we can make the conveyancing process fast, straightforward and stress-free.

Traditionally, conveyancing takes longer and costs more than expected in a lot of cases, and this can be very frustrating if you are keen to complete on your purchase, sale or remortgage quickly, or if you are on a tight budget. But with In-Deed, it's different because we provide a sterling and speedy conveyancing service without compromising on the quality.

Get your online conveyancing quote or call us on 0800 038 6886 for more information. Or you can drop us a line by emailing [email protected]

Conveyancing fees for Birmingham

Whereas many of our competitors bury additional costs in the small print of their terms and conditions, giving a potentially nasty surprise when it comes to paying the bill, In-Deed will give you a full quote up front so that you can budget fully and confidently for your conveyancing. In a small number of cases, clients will require additional pieces of legal work, such as deeds (gift, trust, variation), lease extensions, etc. For these, we have a list of set fees and can quote you over the phone before you instruct us to work for you. This means that you are always in control of your finances for the conveyancing work, and you'll know exactly what the final invoice will include and how much it is.

Please give us a call on 0800 038 6886 if you are worried that your transaction might be more complicated than normal, and one of our advisers will be happy to talk you through the process.

To make things even simpler, if you do not complete on your Birmingham sale or purchase (whether it was your decision or the other side's not to go ahead, and even if the conveyancing work has already started), then you will not have to pay any legal fees. Contact us to find out more about our 'no completion, no fee' policy.


Our conveyancing process

At In-Deed, we've broken down the conveyancing process into seven easy-to-follow steps. This means that, no matter where you are in the process, you know exactly what you and your conveyancing solicitor need to do in order to complete on your Birmingham house sale, purchase or remortgage:

  • Planning - the first stage is to assess your needs, and for us to give you a detailed cost estimate based on that.
  • Instructing us - when you instruct us to act on your behalf for your home move, we will assign one of the best solicitors to you and set up your online account.
  • Preparing contracts - your newly-appointed lawyer will then prepare contracts by conducting all the necessary checks and searches (including an id check on those involved in the sale or purchase, a bankruptcy check and the initial searches on the property you want to buy).
  • Exchanging contracts - the completion date is set at this point and a binding legal agreement is created between seller and buyer as soon as the paperwork is signed (note that digital signatures are now being used by many firms).
  • Arranging completion - your solicitor will continue with the legal side of things to ensure you are ready for the completion date.
  • Completion - at an agreed time on the date set earlier, this is the point when you can move into your new property, once your lawyer has confirmed that funds have been transferred successfully to the seller's solicitor.
  • Finalising details - any loose ends are now tied up by your lawyer (including updating the transfer of deeds information with the Land Registry), and you can enjoy your new home without having to worry about anything other than getting your home how you want it to be.

At In-Deed, we want to make the conveyancing process as swift and painless as possible. This is why we only use the most proactive and results-driven solicitors who use the latest case management systems, but without stinting on the quality of the service that's provided to you. Get your online conveyancing quote or call us on 0800 038 6886 for more information.


Conveyancing solicitors Birmingham - Online conveyancing

In-Deed's online conveyancing system combines the advantages of working with conveyancing solicitors who have in-depth knowledge of Birmingham and the specific issues affecting property in the area, as well as expertise with a fast and efficient system that really speeds up the whole legal process.

Modelling our technology on online banking, we have created a unique way for you to track your conveyancing easily and efficiently. You can send and receive important documents securely online, communicate with your lawyer, receive regular updates, and find out exactly where you are in the entire process using In-Deed's unique system!

Time to get your solicitor working on the legal tasks for your move! Call our team of advisers on 0800 038 6886 and they'll get you lined up with one of the best today.

Professional conveyancing solicitors with Birmingham experience

If you choose In-Deed for your conveyancing, you will work with one conveyancing solicitor throughout the entire transaction; we don't think you should be pushed from pillar to post during your conveyancing just because the solicitor's firm can't manage their workload effectively.

You will also be given the solicitor's direct line and email address so you can always reach them at any time. And our solicitors at In-Deed are targeted to respond within one business day as a maximum.

Get your conveyancing under way today by calling our waiting team of advisers on 0800 038 6886. You can also get a competitively-priced quote for the work, guaranteed by our 'No Completion, No Fee' promise, by completing this form.

Conveyancing articles about conveyancing in Birmingham

Conveyancing in Birmingham | The Local Authority Search


Conveyancing in Birmingham | The Local Authority Search

If you are buying a property in Birmingham, your In-Deed conveyancing solicitor will need to carry out a Local Authority Search as one of the first tasks following their appointment.

The Local Authority Search will determine specific facts about your Birmingham property purchase and its location. Your conveyancing lawyer will use this information to advise you about the house or flat in terms of the viability of going ahead with the transaction.

Based on the results of the Local Authority Search, you and your conveyancing lawyer may also choose to send enquiries to the seller via their legal representative; these will then have to be answered before your solicitor can move your purchase on to the point of exchange of contracts.

What will the Local Authority Search reveal?

  • Who maintains the adjoining roads and footpaths
  • If there are any plans for roads close to the property
  • If the property is in a conservation area, or if it has a tree preservation order or compulsory purchase order over it
  • Whether there are any enforcement notices in place, such as a violation of planning permissions
  • If there are any charges or debts owing to the Birmingham Local Authority connected with the property

Your search will contain a list of standard enquiries, but, if there is something specific you wish to know about the property, your conveyancing lawyer can make precise investigations to get to the bottom of it. Please note that a further fee may be payable to the Birmingham Local Authority if they have to deal with non-standard enquiries; this will feature as a disbursement (or third-party fee) on the final invoice, but your solicitor will make it clear that it is an extra cost and how much it is at the time of ordering it.

If you want to discuss the conveyancing detail and obtain your Birmingham conveyancing quote, give our waiting team a call on 0800 038 6886.

How much will my Local Authority Search cost in Birmingham?

Depending on your mortgage lender's requirements, your solicitor will request either an official search or personal search from the Birmingham Local Authority.

The Local Authority Search is included in your search package disbursement, which is £360. The search package contains all the searches that your mortgage lender will require to provide you with a loan, as well as ID checks and bankruptcy searches to ensure you are legally entitled to sell and buy property.

If you are comparing quotes, you may find that other conveyancing firms quote you separately for searches, or say the fee is dependent on the location of your property. This is because each Local Authority set their own fees, which is why we cover it with our standard disbursement fee.

At In-Deed we have negotiated a set fee with our search provider. What this allows us to do is to quote you upfront for your conveyancing, so you do not have to worry about it being more expensive than expected.

Get your online conveyancing quote or call us on 0800 038 6886 for more information. Or you can drop us a line by emailing [email protected]

House price information in the city of Birmingham

Birmingham house prices (in £1,000s)
Jan 16 Jan 17 Jan 18 Jan 19
155 168 178 188

In the last few years, property prices in the Birmingham area have been higher than in some locations of the country, especially in the more northerly regions, with only a healthy rise year on year, although the percentage rate has dropped slightly and consistently over that time period.

  • All properties - £188,254 (a rise of 5.8% since January 2018 and 21.2% since January 2016)
  • Flats, apartments and maisonettes - £137,877 (a rise of 4.5% since January 2018 and 20.9% since January 2016)
  • Terraced houses - £168,346 (a rise of 5.8% since January 2018 and 20.7% since January 2016)
  • Semi-detached houses - £210,630 (a rise of 6% since January 2018 and 21.7% since January 2016)
  • Detached houses - £356,368 (a rise of 5.8% since January 2018 and 21.2% since January 2016)

House price data retrieved on 16 April 2019 (©2019 HM Land Registry)