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How to move house – tips to make moving home as stress-free as possible

Let’s face it. Moving home will always be a stressful and frustrating experience. However, by following In-Deed’s “how to move house” stress-buster tips you can learn how to cope with your house move.


A month before you move house
A couple of weeks before you move house
The day of the house move
The first few days after the house move


A month before you move house

  1. Accumulate boxes early – Order or collect boxes for free from supermarkets and other sources as early as possible. Also collect bubble wrap, labels and spare newspaper.

  2. Sort through possessions and decide on what you want to sell and throw away.

  3. Box items you want to keep, but do not use regularly. This includes, photo albums, fine china, ornaments.

  4. File all important paperwork, leaflets and instruction booklets into files and folders. By doing this you avoid accidentally throwing important items away and inevitable stress down the line.

  5. Create a list of everyone you need to notify about your move and the date it must be done. Pin this in an obvious place. Include, gas, electric, water, doctors, dentists, phone companies, post office, family and friends etc.

A couple of weeks before you move house

  1. Begin to properly pack

    To avoid stress:

  • Be methodical – work through every room step by step.

  • Label every box with its contents and room intended for – Removal men will hopefully put everything where it should be in the new house. Write and place detailed lists of contents on the top of every box to further minimise stress.

  • Draft in friends and friends – as the saying goes “many hands make light work”. Use food and beverages as an incentive.

  • Be ruthless – if you haven’t used it for a year throw it away or sell it. Use your move to declutter. And remember there will be less unpacking at the other end.

  • Get the kids involved. Remember your children will be nervous about the move too. Help them feel excited and included by allowing them to pack their own special box. Ask them to include toys they will want to play with in the first few days in the new house.

  • The day of the house move

    1. Pack everything you need for the first day and night in the car. Include bedding, pyjamas, bathroom necessities (toothbrushes, shampoo, toilet paper), a first aid bag (painkillers, plasters, medication), clothes for the next day, essential food items, cutlery, cups, phone chargers and a small selection of toys. As well as less obvious items such as light bulbs, batteries, torches etc.

    2. If possible leave children and pets with relatives or friends so you can finish the last bit of packing and get everything organised in the removal lorry.

    3. Do not try and unpack everything the first day. You may feel the overwhelming need to make the house feel like home. However, you will be exhausted. Get curtains and beds set up, order a takeaway and relax. Open a bottle of something bubbly to celebrate.

    After the move

    1. Decorate early – you’ll find it far easier to lay carpets, strip wallpaper and paint walls before the rooms are full of possessions.

    2. Unpack the most important boxes first – This is when those extensive lists will come in handy.

    3. Once again use family and friends to help unpack.

    When the new house feels like home why not celebrate and reward those helpful friends and family by having a party or get together.