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Why a downstairs bathroom could flush away sale success

What puts you off a property you’re viewing with an eye on purchasing it? Dodgy décor? Crumbling construction? How about a bathroom that’s downstairs and not up?

Research by Direct Line Home Insurance claims millions of homebuyers will be turned off buying a new home when they discover that the toilet facilities are on the ground floor.

And the insurance giant claims that a downstairs bathroom can cost a seller thousands of pounds, on average 6 percent less than the asking price of a similar property with a bathroom on the more traditional first floor. That drop in asking price is the equivalent of £13,580, rising to a hefty £27,000 of a loss in London.

Londoners most put off by ground-floor facilities

According to Direct Line, more than half of Londoners (57 percent) would not buy a home with a ground-floor bathroom, while only 28 percent of Scots care enough about the bathroom’s location for it to influence a decision to buy.

Savvy buyers who are willing to buy a home with a ground-floor bathroom could be quids in if they relocate those facilities upstairs, says Direct Line.

Dan Simson, head of home insurance at Direct Line, said: “Downstairs bathrooms are usually found in older properties accessed through the kitchen, and despite them featuring in thousands of homes across the UK, they divide opinion.

“Some home buyers actively avoid properties like this and others find them much more convenient, especially if they are less mobile or have young children.”

Advice is to relocate

Direct Line’s research says a quarter of estate agents tell sellers to relocate a ground-floor bathroom before they put their home on the market. However, switching a bathroom can be an expensive business and often means structural work, putting a relocation beyond the means of many sellers.

That obviously hasn’t put homeowners wanting a relocationoff: Direct Line says 45 percent of estate agents say in the last five years fewer properties with downstairs bathrooms have come on to the market.

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