Virtual tours the future of property viewing

Got your eye on a property but no time to get round there for an old-fashioned viewing? Fear not. The future is virtual. Or at least the future of viewing property might hinge on virtual reality.

Estate agents all across the UK are embracing the latest technology to improve the service they offer to both buyers and sellers.

Immersive experience

Virtual tours using headsets have been around for years, but developments in VR technology mean these tours can offer users a completely immersive experience are now the norm.

Typically, as technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated and advanced, it also becomes more affordable and accessible.

And it is these developments that make VR tours a more everyday part of the service and experience offered by estate agents around the country.

Improving accuracy

Writing for Estate Agent Today, James Morris, vice-president EMEA of media technology company Matterhorn, discussed the launch of its new AI-powered platform, Cloud 3.0, that allows users to create 3D tours.

Morris said: "The AI technology behind the software improves accuracy to within 5 percent, removing human error and freeing up time for agents to secure new business and close deals.

"This low cost of entry technology will, for the first time, allow any agent to create their own virtual tours for almost any property, making the technology available to all and democratising the world of immersive media tours."

Making a decision quickly

According to Morris, research reveals that buyers decide within eight minutes of viewing a property online whether they want to see it in person.

Meanwhile, more than three-quarters of would-be buyers said they were irked when a property they looked at online failed to live up to its billing when seen for real. A 3D tour would certainly eliminate that potential disappointment.

Compelling data

Morris said: "Prospective buyers are more likely to trust a 3D tour that they navigate themselves rather than a series of traditional images or a video created by the agent

"They get a real sense of the space within a property and emotional connection so they can determine whether it is the right home.

"The data is compelling. Virtual tours can help properties to sell five times faster than traditional imagery. Properties listed with 3D walkthroughs can also achieve as many as four times the number of enquiries and generate 49 percent more leads."