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Revealed: what buyers find off-putting in a property

Selling your home? Make sure you don’t leave a negative impression on buyers who come to view your property.

New research has revealed that potential buyers are put off by marks and stains, tatty kitchens and bathrooms, and especially by extensive cracks in the plasterwork.

Poor first impression

The website Sell House Fast surveyed potential buyers on the sort of issues that leave them with a poor impression of the property they have viewed.

More than three-quarters (76 percent) said cracks, marks and stains are the most off-putting things to see when being shown round a property for sale.

Two-thirds (71 percent) get annoyed by fixtures such as taps that fail to work properly in bathrooms and kitchens.

More than half (54 percent) are turned off by damaged or worn-looking kitchen cabinets and cupboards. And almost half (49 percent) say extensive mould is a no-no.

How to clean up

The Sell House Fast survey quizzed estate agents on what they tell selling clients to do before they begin to market a property.

Of those questioned, 73 percent said cleaning household appliances such as ovens and microwaves work wonders in creating a good first impression, while 68 percent said making the garden look neat and tidy was important, too.

Estate agents were nowhere near as concerned by the look of shabby kitchens or bathrooms, while less than one in five estate agents (18 percent) said sellers should do something about damaged or stained carpets.