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21 Sep

5 surprising ways to add value to property

Extensions and renovations are among the obvious ways to add value to a property. But what are some of the less obvious ways that make your home worth more in a seller’s market? Well, for the residents of Dundee, it’s the recent opening of the new V&A in the city, which has been credited with […]

20 Sep

Law Commission wants radical reform for leasehold property in England

A major consultation by the Law Commission on how to reform the leasehold property system in England and Wales has been announced. Its proposals aim to improve the current system by making it simpler and cheaper for leasehold property owners to carry out enfranchisement – the process of extending their lease or buying the freehold […]

13 Sep

Decade-high for remortgaging as UK homeowners look for better deals

UK homeowners are rushing to remortgage as speculation over interest rates continues to swirl. New figures show that July saw the largest number of remortages completed in more than a decade. Those homeowners who were able to complete a remortgage in July got in just ahead of the August rise in the Bank of England’s […]

11 Sep

Why a downstairs bathroom could flush away sale success

What puts you off a property you’re viewing with an eye on purchasing it? Dodgy décor? Crumbling construction? How about a bathroom that’s downstairs and not up? Research by Direct Line Home Insurance claims millions of homebuyers will be turned off buying a new home when they discover that the toilet facilities are on the […]

11 Sep

Expert conveyancing solicitor can negotiate deal to buy property with a tenant

Buying a property that comes with sitting tenants can be complicated. One client told us: “I’ve had an offer accepted on a property that has tenants. They have been served an eviction notice and have 14 days to appeal that notice. “If they do appeal, will my sale collapse? Or should I halt the buying […]

10 Sep

Buying leasehold – get In-Deed’s expert conveyancing solicitors on your side

A recent query from an In-Deed client dealt with buying a leasehold property: “I intend to purchase a leasehold property. Do I need to instruct a solicitor who is experienced in dealing with leasehold agreements or does it really matter?” Buying a leasehold property should definitely be done with the expertise of a conveyancing solicitor familiar […]