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25 Jul

Hidden risk to freeholders from rent charges

Property freeholders are facing a financial timebomb in hidden “rentcharges” in certain areas of England. Some newbuild properties sold as freehold actually come with rentcharges that apply across the entire estate, imposed by the developer to provide long-term income. In particular, areas around Bath, Bristol and Manchester are known to house properties that have rentcharges […]

20 Jul

Survey reveals England’s ageing homeowners

England’s homeowners are growing older, reflecting the current difficulty for younger people in accessing the housing market. Data from the latest English Housing Survey has revealed that owning your own home is still the most popular housing tenure. However, in 2016-17, only 9 percent of homeowners were younger than 35, compared to 18 percent in […]

18 Jul

Call to freeze house prices for 5 years

 A freeze on house prices for the next five years is needed to head off another financial crisis, according to a leading think-tank. The IPPR wants the Bank of England to set a specific house price inflation target to ensure property valuations don’t grow faster than the consumer price target of 2 percent. Its proposals […]

15 Jul

UK’s dramatic urban renaissance is underway

A “dramatic urban renaissance” is underway in the UK’s town and cities. And young professionals are leading the return to urban living, according to a report for the BBC. The report shows that the populations of many towns and cities have doubled since 2000, ending the decades-long drift away from urban centres that began after […]