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3 Oct

Why it's good for solicitors to talk during the conveyancing process

The very word conveyancing seems to cause confusion in those who don’t deal with the legal process of buying and selling property every day. Yet that is simply what conveyancing means. But what is actually involved in the process? One In-Deed client asked recently: “When a solicitor is acting on behalf of the seller, what […]

1 Oct

£9bn paid in stamp duty in just 12 months

The cost of stamp duty in the most expensive area of the UK is almost £60,000 more than the cost of an average house in the cheapest part of country. Figures from HMRC take showed the Treasury raked in £9 billion from stamp duty across the UK in the last year. But the two most […]

28 Sep

Major investment in modular homes to offer housing supply solution

Modular homes look the way ahead for a quick and state-of-the-art solution to the housing supply issue. Financial services giant Legal & General is to build up to 3,000 modular homes every year at its Leeds factory. And online retail behemoth Amazon is investing millions of dollars in a US firm that makes prefabricated homes. […]

25 Sep

How a Deed of Trust can protect wife's investment in family home

Not every property transaction involving two people is a simple one where each is responsible for half of the purchase price. An In-Deed client needed clarity on how to ensure her contribution to the purchase of a new marital home would be accurately reflected legally. She wrote: “My husband and I are buying a new […]

25 Sep

Stamp duty: will a first-time buyer pay tax on a holiday let?

The issue of Stamp Duty Land Tax is one that exercises the minds of many buyers and in particular those entering the property market for the first time. A recent query from an In-Deed client posed this question: “My partner is buying a property to rent out as a holiday let. We currently live in […]

24 Sep

Radical proposal to create UK Housing plc and build more homes

The founder of online estate agents Emoov wants the creation of a Government-owned builder to resolve the UK’s housing crisis. Russell Quirk, a former Conservative councillor in Essex, spoke at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool on Sunday, calling for UK Housing plc to be formed to buy land and push developers into constructing more […]