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6 Aug

Home buyers feel financial pressure of increase in ‘down valuations’

More properties are being “down valued” by chartered surveyors, according to a recent BBC investigation. A down valuation comes about when the surveyor puts a lower valuation on the property than the price offered by a potential buyer. BBC1’s Victoria Derbyshire Show heard from estate agents and mortgage advisors that down valuations are rising because […]

6 Aug

The grand designs kids have on future homes

When it comes to grand designs, children have all the best ideas. Unfettered by mere details such as cost and unburdened by practicalities, our kids let their imaginations run wild when asked to reveal their property wish lists in a recent survey. The survey, commissioned by shared ownership property portal Share to Buy, focused on […]

5 Aug

5 things to know when buying a flat

A flat is often the first type of property many people will buy. Smaller and usually more affordable than a house, flats have a particular appeal for first-time buyers.Conveyancing is the same whether you’re buying a house or a flat, but there are some vital questions you should ask when you start viewing a flat […]

31 Jul

Tax-free benefits of equity release a mystery to most over-55s

More than half of all homeowners who are aged 55 and older are in the dark about the tax-free benefits of equity release, according to new research from insurer SunLife. Its survey suggests that three in 10 in that age group are interested in using equity release to access the cash value of their property, […]

27 Jul

More 1st-time buyers than movers in housing market in 2018

First-time buyers are outstripping home movers in the UK property market, according to Lloyds Bank. In its Homemover Review, the bank revealed that 175,000 first-time buyers got on the housing ladder in the first six months of 2018. That compares to 170,000 home movers in the same period, the first time since 1995 that newcomers […]

25 Jul

Hidden risk to freeholders from rent charges

Property freeholders are facing a financial timebomb in hidden “rentcharges” in certain areas of England. Some newbuild properties sold as freehold actually come with rentcharges that apply across the entire estate, imposed by the developer to provide long-term income. In particular, areas around Bath, Bristol and Manchester are known to house properties that have rentcharges […]