Homeowners put £335,000 price tag on 'forever home'

Home buyers have put a price on how much they'd be willing to pay for their dream home.

According to a new survey, homeowners would fork out more than £335,000 to secure their forever home.

Swinton Home Insurance commissioned the study, which was carried out by polling company One Poll.

Ideal 1st home is 2-bed semi

Around 2,000 UK people were quizzed on their property preferences to reveal that their ideal first step on to the property ladder is a two-bed semi.

The perfect move up the ladder would be to a three-bed property, and that would be their ideal forever home.

Those who said they are currently living in their ideal home also spent an average 10 years saving to buy it.

On average, we stay in a home for five years before moving again, but the poll revealed that 40 percent of homeowners say they think it's harder to get on the property ladder today than it was 20 years ago.

Requirements change

Angela Bowden, home insurance specialist for Swinton, said: "Everyone has dreams of what their 'forever home' could look like or include.

"As we get old, our families change and our requirements in a home fluctuate. We need enough space for all of our kids to grow, but once they make their own way, that space could be wasted.

"This is what makes our property journeys so interesting, from our first tentative steps in property ownership to finally owning the home we have always dreamed of."