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Home sellers must tell buyers of local air pollution levels

Home sellers must tell anyone viewing their property if the area suffers from high levels of air pollution.

National Trading Standards will demand sellers put buyers fully in the picture about a property and its environment.

‘Material information’

This is the organisation enforcing consumer protection standards across England and Wales.

The Times reports the organisation considers revealing air pollution to buyers or renters is “material information” that must be made available.

This new policy chimes with the newspaper’s Clean Air for All campaign. Launched earlier this year, the campaign wants a live pollution monitor for every postcode.

London has worst air pollution

One website that does monitor air pollution is the not-for-profit

According to that site, the UK’s worst pollution is in the two most expensive areas for property, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster in London.

The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) will now include air pollution in the property information questionnaire. This is a mandatory form that home sellers complete when they put their home up for sale.

‘Something people should know’

James Munro is head of the estate agent team at National Trading Standards.

He said: “Now that pollution mapping is more widely available, and the facility is there to search by postcode how badly a property is affected, we’re saying this is material information.

“This is something people should know if they’re buying a house, especially if they have children or elderly family members moving into the property.

“It can work both ways. If it’s a low rating, it could be a good marketing tool. But if it’s a high rating, people need to know.”