UK Conveyancing From Overseas

Buying or selling a property in England or Wales when living abroad can be difficult. Many lawyers are still traditional relying heavily on letters, phones and fax to communicate with clients, mortgage lenders and other solicitors. This can make matters a lot more complicated if you are based abroad and do not want to rely on post and phone calls.

English and Welsh Conveyancing Process

The English and Welsh conveyancing process can be complicated so it is important you employ a licensed conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor to manage your purchase or sale for you. Please note that the legal system in Scotland is different to England and Wales and you will need to hire a Scottish law firm if you are buying or selling here.

When you choose your lawyer it is important to check they are regulated by the CLC (Council of Licenced conveyancers) or SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority). If you are getting a mortgage you will also need to check the law firm is on your mortgage lenders panel otherwise you may incur additional costs and delays.

You can expect the conveyancing process to take between 6 – 8 weeks, although it can be faster or much longer. This is because your sale or purchase is dependent on a number of third parties: mortgage lenders, estate agents, search results, other solicitors and the chain. If you have a completion date in mind it is best to inform your conveyancing lawyer early. By doing this they can work to your deadline.

For many buyers or sellers the most important part of the conveyancing process is exchange of contracts. By exchanging contracts it becomes very difficult for the buyer or seller to pull out and the purchase/sale nearly always completes. Sadly, about 30% of transactions never reach completion.

How can In-Deed Conveyancing help?

At In-Deed we have helped a number of overseas clients buy and sell English or Welsh property.

We have created the industry’s most advanced online system, which clients use to manage their purchase or sale on a day-to-day basis. Clients are able to monitor progress with task bars, receive regular updates from their lawyer and receive all documents online. Clients are also able to send messages to their lawyer and return the majority of the paperwork through their account. For our overseas clients this is invaluable in overcoming time differences, avoiding unnecessary postal expense and delays and keeping phone bills low.

All our lawyers specialise in residential conveyancing and you will work with one dedicated lawyer from start to finish. Our lawyers are experienced in working with overseas clients and used to dealing with the limitations that come with this. Your lawyer will keep you well informed of progress and notify you as early as possible of which documents they require originals of.

You can read what past clients have said about us here or get an instant online quote.


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