Phil Spencer launches In-Deed's Angry Buyers - literally!

Last week In-Deed’s spokesman Phil Spencer helped us launch our new Angry Buyer game by firing one unlucky estate agent out of a cannon!

Phil Spencer fires an Estate Agent out of a cannon to launch In-Deed's Angry Buyer gameThe picture (right) shows Phil about to fire the estate agent out of he cannon and into the Thames - We promise that even though this photo looks photoshopped it really isn’t! We really did take Phil Spencer and a great, big, blue cannon down to London Bridge! Which we are pleased to say put a smile on everyone's faces!

Angry Buyers players get to fire a mortgage broker, property lawyer or estate agent out of, you’ve guessed it, a cannon, and into a building with the aim of breaking as many windows as possible. The game represents the way home buyers feel about the current market – as well as to give everyone a bit of fun! You even have the chance of winning your mortgage or rent for a whole six months. Simply score over 4,000 points and enter In-Deed’s prize draw!

Released alongside Angry Buyers was research titled “Half A Million Home Sales fall through” which gives enlightening details about fall-through rates and frustrated buyers. In-Deed surveyed 4,067 people to establish how you were feeling and what was actually happening in the market! Read the full press release here.

To play Angry Buyers click here or to learn more about In-Deed’s Conveyancing Service call 0330 100 2322 where one of In-Deed’s legal advisers will be happy to answer all your house buying and selling questions.

Happy Playing!


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