Online Conveyancing: Why online is better!

Conveyancing has been a little slow to move into the online market, but growing consumer confidence fuelled by the way we use the internet for every other aspect of our lives has led to a boom in online conveyancing services. However, unlike other industries, it can be hard to tell the level of service you will receive from your online lawyer. This guide aims to inform you about why you should choose an online provider, but the care you need to take when doing so.

Conveyancing fees

Using the internet can be a fantastic way of comparing a large number of conveyancing services very quickly and many people find it an invaluable tool in finding out how much their conveyancing will cost. However you need to remember:-

Price isn’t everything

Everyone loves a bargain and we are used to using the internet as a tool to find the cheapest price, but with conveyancing the saying “you get what you pay for” has never rung truer. You need to make sure you hire a dedicated, personal lawyer who is committed to regularly contacting and informing you of where you are in the process!

Do you know what you are paying for?

Unlike other industries there is no clear pricing structure for conveyancing, which often leaves clients confused and with unexpected legal bills.

Fortunately, your conveyancer or lawyer has to take the same steps so your purchase or sale reaches completion making it easy to dissect your quotes if you know how! At In-Deed we pride ourselves on giving a transparent and easy to understand quote. We have also created the following guides to aid you with dissecting and analysing your conveyancing quotes so you are never left in the dark:

Customer Service

When using an online conveyancing service, you may be concerned you will not receive the same level of service you might expect with a local firm. In conveyancing there is little benefit to your lawyer having local knowledge as every lawyer carries out the same checks with every property. Clients also cite being able to ‘pop in’ as a reason for using a local lawyer, however, they frequently find it too inconvenient to visit the firm and you may even be charged extra for this service!

Drop them an email

A good way to test an online conveyancing service is to send them an email and assess the way they handle it. Are they quick to respond and the advice easy to understand and informative? If you call do they answer the phone quickly and are they eager to answer your questions. Are they quick to call you back if they don’t have an answer there and then? By doing this you can get a real feel for the level of service you will receive.

Look closely at the service standards they offer

If the company is based online they should have a good website with the company’s service policy simply outlined. Do they come across as being customer aware and do they provide a wealth of resources that will help you through the process?

Read customer testimonials and reviews

Many people choose their lawyer based on personal or internet recommendations. By researching the internet thoroughly you will find reviews and testimonials from their previous clients, which will help you make a decision.

How fast do they respond?

Choose a lawyer who guarantees a quick response time. Nothing is more infuriating than knowing your house sale or purchase is being slowed down by lazy solicitors.

Online service

If you are opting for an online conveyancing service then the online experience should be top notch.

Email access

Surprisingly many high street lawyers and even some advertising on the internet are still unable to communicate with you over email, preferring discussing matters over the phone or sending everything via post. But if you need to communicate with your lawyer out of hours or cheekily whilst in the office, email access will be essential.

Sending and downloading documents online

Want to speed up your conveyancing? Or loathe paying your lawyer extra for postage? Then choose an online conveyancing service, which gives you the option to upload and download documents. At In-Deed our customers love how easy it is to fill in and re-send those important documents saving them time and money.

Online case management

Choose a service, which allows you to see your conveyancing progress online. For added bonus pick someone who has a clear conveyancing process, which you can follow. Doing this allows you to see exactly where you are in the process and query anything you don’t understand.


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