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Conveyancing Solicitors Manchester

If you are searching for a conveyancing solicitor, Manchester has a number that you can choose from, but we feel that none can match the level of service that we provide. By choosing In-Deed you will benefit from a conveyancing service that will help make the process simple, quick and efficient.

If you are looking for more information on local technical issues such as searches, conservation areas and environmental issues in Manchester read this article.

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Conveyancing Solicitors Manchester – Online Conveyancing

At In-Deed we have created a unique way for you to monitor your Manchester purchase or sale online and as far as we are aware the only conveyancing company to offer such a comprehensive online service.

You can keep an eye on the progress of your sale or purchase with your secure, online account, and the traditional process is speeded up as documents can be transferred online. Of course you will still benefit from using a highly skilled conveyancing solicitor with expertise in Manchester and beyond.

Our Conveyancing Process

To make the conveyancing process as simple as possible we have divided it into seven easy to understand steps. Your online account will tell you which step you are at and what else you and your conveyancing solicitor need to do in order to move forward.

  • Planning – we firstly create a detailed quote for the services you require, which we will confirm before you instruct us.
  • Instructing us – when you do instruct us to carry out your conveyancing we will appoint you one of our conveyancing solicitors with expertise in Manchester.
  • Preparing contracts – your lawyer will then undertake checks and searches on your behalf before contracts are exchanged.
  • Exchanging contracts – this is the point when a legally binding agreement is created and there is no backing out.
  • Arranging completion – during this stage you should complete arrangements for your move.
  • Completion – this is what you have been waiting for, when money is exchanged and you can move into your new home.
  • Finalising details – the last details are now taken care of by your solicitor while you get settled in.

Conveyancing Fees in Manchester

You can obtain an instant online conveyancing quote from our website. Your quote will include all the costs associated with the average conveyancing transaction and we do not hide any extra costs in the small print. Our conveyancing quotes are also no completion, no fee, which means if you did not complete you would not pay any legal fees.

If you would like to discuss your quote or are worried that your Manchester purchase or sale is more complicated than normal please contact us. We will be able to explain your quote in more detail and double check it includes everything you need.

Manchester Conveyancing - Manchester House Prices

Manchester House Prices (£k)
 Dec '12Jan '13Feb '13Mar '13
(Prices in £ x1000)90919292

Manchester did not escape the housing market crash in 2007 unaffected, although house prices peaked later than many other northern and southern cities. In April 2008, Manchester’s house prices reached £120, 237 but have since fallen by 23.45% to £92, 036 (March 2013).

Between September 2010 and May 2012 the Land Registry recorded Manchester house prices as being fairly stable averaging somewhere between £96, 011 (February 2012) and £92, 087 (March 2011), however prices did drop over the summer of 2012. Since June 2012 house prices have been around £92, 000. Traditionally house prices do drop over the summer when the market is slower, but usually recover in the autumn and again in the spring. It will be interesting to see whether house prices recover or if this is a new trend.

Sales volumes have also been fairly consistent over the last four years with completed purchases averaging 386 a month. This combined with similar monthly house prices has created a surprisingly stable house market in Manchester, especially when compared to other northern cities.

Last updated: 22/05/2013

Data comes from the Land Registry's House Price Index


Conveyancing Articles about Conveyancing in Liverpool

Conveyancing in Manchester | The Local Authority Search


Conveyancing in Manchester | The Local Authority Search

If you are buying a property in Manchester your In-Deed conveyancing lawyer will order a Local Authority Search from Manchester’s Local Authority as part of the conveyancing process.

What is a Local Authority Search?

Buyers use their Local Authority Search (also known as a Local Land Charges Search or Local Search) to find out further information about the property and surrounding area. A Local Authority Search is very important as the results could affect your decision on whether to buy the Manchester property. Your conveyancing solicitor may also use the results to submit specific enquiries to the seller and their lawyer if they are concerned about anything the search finds.

What will my Manchester Local Authority Search contain?

LLC1 Form

The LLC1 report could contain information such as:

  • If the property is a listed building
  • Whether the property is built in a conservation area or has a tree preservation order in place
  • If there are any future developments planned close by

CON 29(R) Form

The CON 29(R) report could contain information such as:

  • If there are plans to build any roads or motorways nearby
  • Whether there is a danger of contaminated land

CON 29(O) Form

The CON 29(O) form deals with extra enquiries, which are optional depending on the property. The report might include information such as:

  • Who maintains public paths or byways
  • Any road proposals by private bodies
  • Details about parks and countryside
  • Whether there are any environmental and pollution notices in place

If you have any specific questions you would like your lawyer to ask they can do so on the CON29(O) form. Manchester Local Authority may charge an extra fee for this service and your lawyer will be able to advise you of the cost.

Table: How long will a Local Authority Search take on my Manchester Property Purchase?

Knowing how long your Local Authority Search with Manchester Local Authority is an important part of planning how long the conveyancing process could take for you. Use the table below to get an idea on how long your Manchester Local Authority Search could take with In-Deed.

DatePersonal Search (days)Official Search (days)

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