Preparing contracts

After you've instructed In-Deed to manage your conveyancing, the lawyers carry out all the necessary checks and searches required to prepare contracts for exchange.

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Why is this important?: 
These checks and searches are crucial, and helps prevent surprises later on. It's not the most exciting part of the process. But once this is done, you're one big step closer to getting settled in.
What happens?: 
On a sale, your lawyer will draw up the sale contract and provide information about who owns the property and has the legal right to sell it. On a purchase, your lawyer takes care of all the required checks and searches. They ensure that the seller has the legal right to make the sale, that the land itself is free of issues, and that all financing is in order. Most importantly, the lawyers will agree a date for completion of the deal.
What we do: 
On a purchase, your lawyer will:
Contact the seller's solicitor to obtain the contract pack
Request and obtain a copy of your mortgage offer
Carry out the necessary searches
On a sale, your lawyer will:
Prepare the draft contract pack
Respond to any questions raised by the buyer's lawyer
Things you will need to do: 
On a purchase:
Arrange for a survey
Have your mortgage approved
Arrange buildings insurance
Organise your deposit
On a sale:
Complete a Seller's Information Form
Things you will need to send us: 
Proof of Identity
Signed copy of your contract