Arranging completion

The hard bit is done and the legal side of things should proceed readily from here. There may be some details to finalise, but you should now have time to arrange your move.

Process teaser image: 
Why is this important?: 
At this stage, the lawyers for both sides are working to legally transfer ownership of the property.
What happens?: 
How long this phase lasts depends on what was agreed before exchange - it can vary from months to the rare occasion where exchange and completion happen on the same day. At this point, the purchaser will pay the balance of money that's required to complete the purchase of the house. Nearly there!
What we do: 
Calculate the balance of financing required to purchase the property
Final searches on the property to ensure no legal issues have arisen since exchange
Things you will need to do: 
Approve the financial statements
Arrange removals/ meter readings
Things you will need to send us: 
If you're the purchaser, provide the balance of funds required for completion
If you're the seller - send the signed transfer document to your lawyers. (They need this to be able to complete the sale).