Christmas Conveyancing | Positives of instructing before January

The holiday period is a notorious time for the housing market to grind to a halt. Indeed, property lawyers often use this period as a chance to tie up loose ends for current clients and prepare themselves for the inevitable housing rush in the New Year.

Understandably many house hunters and sellers are reluctant to actively pursue their purchase or sale whilst they are pre-occupied with Christmas stress and costs. However, if you know you are likely to need a conveyancing lawyer in the New Year it is best to get it sorted ASAP.

Instruct your conveyancing lawyer early

Instructing a lawyer before accepting or making an offer is a great way to reduce conveyancing stress. Quite often people don’t realise there is some preliminary paperwork which has to be completed before the conveyancing process can really get going.

Instructing before Christmas means you will time to begin filling in forms and sending them to your property solicitor before the housing rush in the New Year. Ultimately this gets you ahead of everyone else who is also buying and selling property during January!

Why you should use In-Deed for your conveyancing

In-Deed’s no completion, no fee policy means you can sign up to our conveyancing service today and have no costs to pay. There’s also no obligation to continue with our service if you so wish. You will immediately have a highly qualified, personal property solicitor allocated to your case who will be able to complete the preliminary paperwork and have everything ready for next year.

Not only does this reduce your conveyancing stress, but it also places you in a strong buying and selling position.


As a seller it is really important you get everything moving as fast as possible. As I am sure you know, buyers in the current market can be elusive and this increases the importance of getting the conveyancing process completed as fast as possible. Having a property solicitor instructed and the preliminary paperwork completed in advance can shave a good couple of weeks off of the conveyancing process once you accept an offer!


Having a solicitor instructed before you make an offer puts you in a really strong buying position. It marks you stand out as a serious purchaser to the Estate Agent and Seller and means you can get the process started immediately once an offer has been accepted. Indeed, Estate Agents often want to know who your lawyer is before you place that offer! Having your In-Deed lawyer instructed means you are ready to ‘rock n roll’ as soon as you have found your dream home.


To find out how much your conveyancing will cost with In-Deed get an instant conveyancing quote now! 


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